Darkness of a song.

What is it about tonight that feels so calm?
What is it that’s keeping me up?
Maybe it’s you and the memories of you.
Maybe it’s what you sound like, inside my head.
The most beautiful madness I’ve experienced,
Is enchanted by the way you look tonight.
Would you show me what you desire?
If I show you my tragic lies?
Would you let me have my weak moments,
And yet hold me tight?
I can’t promise you a forever,
But I promise you love in its purest form.
Some say it’s insanity, I call it being alive.
What are we, if not two lonely souls,
Who happened to own the nights?
Darling I’ve seen many,
They come and go as they please.
But the darkest song I ever wrote?
Is the one you’ll never hear about.
A fakir with unrelentlessly glimmering eyes,
All I have are my words, my love,
And for you, I’ll carry them right on the edge of my sleeves.

How my world looks when my mind thinks of you. You make me oh-so-dizzy.

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